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Professional Painting Time Saver Techniques

Any Professional House Painter in Greeley should know how to save you money when painting your home. To obtain your FREE no obligation price quote CALL TODAY (970) 301-8927

Here are 5 ways to ensure you maximize your time, efforts and money while painting your house.

– Dip It

Don’t place your paint brush fully into the can of paint. Instead, only place about 1/3 of it in or less into the paint. Excess speed on your brush or roller doesn’t speed up the process, instead it will clog the base of the paint brush bristles and make cleanup difficult a it shortens the life of your painting brush.

– Clean It

Wipe the rim of the paint can with a rag wrapped around the end of a screwdriver. Paint in the rim will stop the paint can lid form sealing properly and could lead to wasting the paint and allowing it to dry in the can.

– Label It

Cover the lid of the can in plastic wrap to create a clean tight seal then pound the lid on with a hammer. Now dab some of your home or commercial paint form your brush or roller onto the top of the paint can lid and use a permanent marker to write the name of the color, the room it was used in, where you purchased it, date etc.

– Store It

Store your place in a dry, well ventilated, climate controlled area. You don’t want the paint to be where it will easily freeze, or get excessively hot.

That is it for now, for our regular Greeley House Painters money and time saving Tips and Tricks. We hope you find this valuable, informative and helpful. If you find that you need a Professional Painter to complete the job please call us for a FREE no obligation price quote CALL TODAY (970) 301-8927
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